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The Northern Potters Festival -
University of Central Lancashire - Preston - September 1998

Greg Bell and Michael Keighery(Australia) Pope platter , printed clay, jigger jollied to make plate, earthenware, 40cm  (16") dia.

Philomena Pretsell (UK), Teapot with collaged decals.

Juliette Goddard (UK), Woman, Lino cut print on plate, Aberystwyth, 1997

Neil Brownsword (UK). Not Tonight. Ceramic Collage with found objects, 85cmx43cmx41cm (33"x17"x16")

The Northern Potters Festival at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston in September 1998 successfully brought together a practical overview of ceramics and print with a look at the origins of this phenomenon and its current directions. A series of lectures and studio demonstrations was given by an international panel of artists to a packed house. The use of decals (either screen-printed by the artist or taken from the open collection) was illustrated by the Cumbrian Blue(s) works of Paul Scott (England) on bone china plates, the slip-decorated earthenware of Philomena Pretsell (Scotland) and the figurative ceramic collages of Neil Brownsword (England). Les Lawrence (USA) and Maria Geszler (Hungary) elegantly demonstrated the building up of images by screen printing slips and oxides via plaster bats or directly onto wet clay slabs and the alteration of images on such printed slabs by jigger/jolly was shown by Gregory Deakin Bell (Australia). Relief printing onto clay from carved plaster by Mo Jupp (Wales) and the transfer of linocut designs to clay by Juliette Goddard (England) took us close to the basics of printing technology. Patrick King (Switzerland) explained ways to exploit original or photocopied newsprint as a simple medium for transferring text to clay and the ultimate link between clay and print was provided by the raw, transient clay installations of Jefford Horrigan (England) with their surfaces of pressed-on photocopies.

Demonstrators and organisers: L to R: Back: Greg Bell (Australia), Juliette Goddard (UK), David Binns (UK, University Central Lancashire), Chris Utley (UK, NPA), Jefford Horrigan (UK), Philomena Pretsell(UK), Martin Holman (Jazz Singer), Isobel Denyer (NPA, UK), Maria Geszler (Hungary), Pat King (Switzerland), Front: Paul Scott (UK), Les Lawrence(USA)

Patrick King (Switzerland). Crocks of Gold. Stoneware with gold leaf. Text transfer from negative, reverse photocopy onto wet slip.
(30 x 16 cm) (12 x 6.5").

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