Ting Tang Trash

Ting Tang Trash was a research led project organized by Jorunn Veitberg at Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB) in 2011.

Involving an exhibition, conference and publication. Cumbrian Blue(s) work was included in the exhibition, Paul gave a paper to the conference and contributed a chapter the book Ting Tang Trash. The essay can be downloaded here.

The vitrified print has a long history with rich seams of imagery and meaning to be mined. Putting a print on an industrially made plate is to engage with an already loaded medium and it is for these reasons that printed tablewares have become a focus for contemporary ceramists. By their knowing use, artists move industrial tablewares icons and images into a different cultural spaces, forms are upcycled and remediated.

 – Paul Scott in <em>Willows, Windmils and Wild Roses, essay in Ting Tang Trash book