NEWS: Fukushima No. 5 on Design Museum of Trondheim Limited Tote

Presented as part of 125th Anniversary
Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s), Fukushima No:5 Tote

‘Cumbrian Blue(s) Fukushima No:5’ on a limited edition bag for sale at the Design Museum Trondheim shop.


“I am interested in the way images are disseminated by moving between different media and so I was happy when @designmuseumtrondheim proposed printing an image of ‘Cumbrian Blue(s) Fukushima No:5’ (in their collection) on a limited edition bag for sale in the museum shop. This coincides with an exhibition celebrating the museum’s 125th anniversary… 125 objects from their collection have been chosen by 125 people from outside the museum… ‘The 125 choices not only represent the things themselves but 125 new pairs of eyes and 125 new stories about the collection’s place in society. Through these contributions, we gain an insight into what the objects do to people’…. exhibition runs until 28 August 2018…